Just Like a Symphony

A few years ago I was in a band called Strum. We were headlining an outdoor festival in Trundle (about 300km west of Sydney). I was talking to a farmer (his name was also Tim) who told me that the area had been in a drought for so long that his children had never seen rain. That gave me the opening line to this song. I really admired his simple belief that things would get better. He wasn’t after sympathy. He was just talking about the realities of life on the land.

Themes of faith, love and resilience feature throughout the song. I hope that it’s a worthy tribute to Tim and all farmers who experience tough times.


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 "Bondi Sand"  has been my most popular solo single so far and is still going strong! 

It is a collection of youthful memories when life was more simple. Dream-like images of sun, surf and friendship roll in and out like waves on a beach.

Listen to the song on your favourite platform or watch the Youtube video.

“…We were all arms and legs like Drysdale boys

Dream-like memories from a distant voice

Lost in the sunshine and the white noise 

Walking on the Bondi Sand”

Shameless self-promotion :).

Tim's second single was High Wire

"Relax. Take a break. Breathe in the air around you. Plug your headphones into your device, and walk into the ethereal new song offering from folk singer/songwriter Tim Withano, “High Wire”.

 The Finnish-born, Australian-based singer/songwriter is back with a brand new drop that reaches into your soul and promises to understand everything you’ve got going on around you.   

 It’s the song that plays over the final credits. The track that rolls with you down an empty highway. The melody that pierces the very part of where you know you want to be — and finally have found solace in hearing it."  

Eric Alper

...if you're lost, you've got to find out where your true north is...”

— Bob Dylan and Me