Timo mostly plays his own brand of guitars that go by his Finnish surname - Tolvanen.

Acoustic Guitars: Timo prefers OM size acoustics and has two favourites. One is an all mahogany model and the other has a spruce top with koa back and sides. He installed K+K Pure Mini pickups into each guitar which produces a very natural tone in live settings.

Electric Guitars: Timo has built many guitars over the years but has mostly been playing his flagship Tolvanen Sisu models. These have pickups that were specially designed by Australian pickup builder Mick Brierley. They are called Tolbuckers and work beautifully with the all mahogany bodies in both humbucking and split coil mode. Timo also plays hand-made guitars which feature Australian aboriginal designs by the renowned artist Rex Winston Walford. Rex's designs draw on his rich indigenous heritage and the vibrant swirls and dots really turn each guitar into unique work of art.  
Timo also regularly plays a single coil guitar which features magnificent Nordic artwork created by Mark Emerson. Mark is an outstanding talent whose work is well recognised. 
I am proud in my small way to support the work of both Rex and Mark.


Acoustic Guitars: Timo uses an AER compact 60 with his acoustic guitars running through an LR Baggs Venue.

 Electric Guitars: Timo has a number of amps. Currently his favourites are a Mark 5/25 Mesa Boogie and a Fender Super Sonic 60.

FX: Timo has numerous FX pedals and boards. He often experiments with various combinations. Lately, he has spent a lot of time experimenting with his Helix.